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Alaskan Malamutes


Dawson ... in harness or not .. he has the 'Need for Speed'

Booster (AKA BOO) is now a Canadian Champion

Conner litter mate to Winter and Paige


Tao doesn't like the show ring we call her our most beautiful sled dog she pulls like a hot dam

Juneau is 8 years old now and is happy being Top Dog at Winterwind with the occasional trip around the show ring

Winter's last trip in the show ring had her going Best in Breed over her mother Juneau

Paige loves to work and is going to be in the show Ring in 2012

Riot is the great escape artist of the kennel and works like a demon in Harness

 Working Dog Pictures

Couper running lead in his hay day

Riot in early winter training

Suka and Tao stretching their legs


Alaskan Malamute History

The Alaskan Malamute evolved from the ancient dogs that accompanied prehistoric man in his migrations from Asia, across the Arctic to Greenland and back. The migrations, covering thousands of years also produced a natural evolution of species that varied from the long coated varieties found in Greenland to the lesser coated, longed legged varieties found in the forest and lake areas of northern Canada.

Early Russian and English explorers often reported a superior and better kept type of work dog kept by the “Mahlemut” (Malemiut, Mahlmuit, Malemuit) tribes around the Norton Sound area of Alaska They were less “wild”, more tractable and capable of an enormous amount of work..... Click To Read Full History

CanadianEskimo Dog History

The Canadian Eskimo Dog is generally considered to be a very old dog breed, possibly as old as over 1,000 years. It was first bred by the Thule people. Therefore it is related to the Greenland Dog, so much so that some authorities consider them the same breed. It was, and still is (to a very limited extent), used by the Canadian Inuit as multi-purpose dogs, often put to work hunting seals and other arctic game, and hauling supplies and people.

In the 1800s and early 1900s this breed was in demand for polar expeditions. When snowmobiles came into use the population numbers started rapidly declining, because snowmobiles are faster and need less care. In the 1950s there were approximately 20,000 dogs living in the Canadian Arctic, and had been accepted for showing by both the AKC and CKC, however in 1959 the AKC dropped the breed from its registry because of extremely low numbers. By 1963 there was supposedly only one dog registered with the CKC, and when this dog died there were still no others registered...... Click to Read More

Eurasier History

Towdahsbest Ovation


Towdahsbest Saga


The Eurasier is a relatively new Spitz-type dog breed originating in Germany.

In the 1950’s, in Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, the Wipfel family, Julius and Elfriede, chose to undertake the creation of an ideal, family-oriented breed of dog...... Read More

Siberian Husky History

The Siberian Husky was  developed over a period of around 3,000 years by the Chukchi and related peoples of Siberia, the breed was developed to fulfill a particular need of the Chukchi life and culture. In one of the most inhospitable climates in the world, with temperatures plummeting to (-100C) in winter and  with winds up to 100 mph, the Chukchi relied on there dogs for survival, as they were a remarkable tool of  ingenuity.   In teams  as large  as twenty or more they could travel out over the ice sometimes covering as much as 100 miles in a single day to allow a single man to ice-fish and return with his catch, by sled dog standards they were small the large  size of the teams minimized per-dog pulling power, while smaller frames maximized endurance and low energy consumption. (Even today, in long races, Alaskan Huskies  the Siberians cousins require twice the amount of food the Siberians consume)

Gone but not Forgotten

Sur Netherlands Champion is our foundation male who is as sweet as is reg name.
(Winterwinds Sweet Surrender)... Read more

Windy our foundation female who was not only a great Mom also trained her puppies and then puppies out of her Son Sur ...Read More

Kalluq a Can Ch owned and loved by Andre and Joan in Nova Scotia

Ryder Can Ch our first Malamute back  in 1994

Kash did well in the show ring in the UK, Best Veteran Male at Crufts 2006  He loved everyone and every thing and was even known to baby hedge hogs

Merlin a Can Ch is as good in the show ring as he is working... Read More


Canadian Eskimo Dogs


Suka was on a team in the high Arctic now he's a show dog as well .. Read More

Rossi is showing lots potential as a show dog and working ..... Read More

Bones a dog Jo Kelly rescued from a musher in the high Arctic and now living out his life with us and enjoying his Mushing again ...Read More

Shale... from our breeding out of Rossi & Kaya, is a monster in harness... going to try the show ring next... no laughing at me now. Read More.


Charlie also out of the same litter as Rossi with great potential ..... Read More

this is Kaya... mother to Shale, Sadie, Amarok and Legacy... great in harness and my next show dog...LOL

Sadie is a sister to Shale also out of  Rossi & Kaya, all ready showing lots of potential and a love to work

Out and About

Icy lives in the UK and was the top working Female Malamute 3 years running

Amarock (dad) left lead, behind him Raven (mom)  with their kids

Raven and Amarok now live with Daniel in Quebec  and have  had a fine litter of puppies to add to their sled team

Legacy lives with Nigel and Melanie, brother to Shale also out of Rossi & Kaya, showing lots of protential as a working dog

Winterwind Mals

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